This time we invite you into a research process instead of a performance. The open process will evolve over the course of a week – including participatory workshops, communal research, discussions, interactive routes and performative presentations. Everyday there is a different ‘Celebration’ and audience can participate in multiple ways.

Programme of activities – 8 – 18 June 2012: HERE
Using sound archives, transmittion of ghosts, half forgotten traditions and performers from 10 to 70, celebrations will try to raise the ghosts of the last half century and discover how did we get here and what is left to celebrate after all.
Celebrations (in the third person) is a live documentation of 10 critical days in Athens during June 2012. Follow live now here 
A celebration // A live movie // An open process // A document  // What the world needs now….?
Concept -Direction: Gigi Argyropoulou, Peader Kirk // Assistant-Theotrologist/Web project: Melina Markaki, Sam Turton // Performers/Participants: Evangeli Fili, Faidra Xatzikonstanti, Vassiliki Dimou, Mary Lucy, Dimitris Baltas, Rania Kelaiditi, Effi Rabsilber and others
Celebrations: Open Process is part of  USE # 4 in Embros Theatre (R. Palamidou 2, Athens) organised by Mavili Collective – http://www.mavilicollective.wordpress.com